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"You don't realize how much your life changes, when you're not in pain every day. Truly, life changing."

- Sherry Carthright -

Our Staff is dedicated to making each visit personal, professional, and beneficial.


Meet Dr. Joe Matthews, IV, M.D.

Dr. Joe Matthews, M.D. loves making people happier and healthier. Watching his own dad build a cutting-edge clinic, Dr. Joe learned a creative approach to pain management. Up-to-date research plus life experience packs a powerful punch to bring you pain relief fast!

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Meet Our Team

To offer the best patient care, you need the best people that care! To serve Nexus Pain Center, Dr. Joe built a team with lots of laughs, lots of stories, and lots of expertise. Whatever ails you, they’ve got your back! Find out more about your healthcare team by exploring their bios.

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Your health is a critical component of your daily experience, and you should have access to the team that keeps you movin’ and groovin’. Give the office a call or submit your request online, and Dr. Joe and his team will be in touch right away. Don’t stay in pain another day!

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