Josiah S. Matthews, IV, MD

Certifications: M.D.
Position: Doctor

Audra Grant

Certifications: CPAR, ICDIO mgmt
Position: Patient Treatment Coordinator

Cari Howell

Certifications: RT
Position: Radiology Technician

Dusty Walsh

Certifications: PA-C
Position: Physician Assistant

Gina Hayes

Certifications: LPN
Position: Nurse

Jay Rodriguez

Position: Precertification and Insurance Verification

Liz Blackburn

Position: Patient Treatment Coordinator

Margie Willis

Certifications: RN
Position: ASC Staff Nurse

Melissa Hatcher

Certifications: R.N.
Position: Nurse

Melvin Ingram

Certifications: LPN
Position: Nurse

Robin K. Ebel

Certifications: Office Administration and Medical Information
Position: Administration Assistant

Sonya Harris

Certifications: None
Position: Medical Office Clerk

Yolanda Holt

Certifications: MA
Position: Medical Assistant