Knee Pain

Don’t Let Pain Hold You Back 

There are many different treatment options for knee pain, including some at home options for minor knee pain. Resting the joint and icing your knee help to reduce the swelling. You can take over-the-counter drugs for pain and inflammation. Carefully stretch your knee to promote better ligament and tendon health. Also, low-impact exercise helps strengthen the muscles around your knee. You should wear footwear with good cushioning and support. If overweight, losing weight will help to decrease the pressure on your knees.

However, if you are experiencing more severe knee pain, you need to see a doctor to get the help you need. If your knee joint has degenerated extensively leaving you with severe loss of function and pain, a doctor may recommend knee surgery. Any surgery comes with associated risks and side effects. If you would like to consider an option other than surgery, we recommend non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment options for knee pain, such as regenerative medicine.

What Causes Knee Pain? 

Our knees are strong joints that offer us both support and flexibility. They need to keep up with the everyday demands that we put them through. When walking on level ground, the force exerted on our knees is equivalent to 1.5x our body weight. This increases dramatically when we are participating in heavier exercise.

Over time, this joint can wear out. This can cause the pain and swelling that sometimes occurs in knees. Unfortunately, most people shrug these early warning signs our bodies are trying to tell us, assuming it is just wear and tear from old age. We have helped many people with their knee pain.

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How We Can Help

We are dedicated to finding the correct diagnosis and treatment for your pain. We specialize in minimally invasive non-surgical treatments. Our focus on minimally invasive treatments allows you to improve your quality of life and continue your daily activities with less interference to you. Our procedures happen in our clinic using the latest cutting-edge techniques. If you’ve been losing out on life’s great pleasures due to pain, please give us a call today and let’s see what treatment options we can offer you.