Vertiflex for Spinal Stenosis

What is Superion®?

Superion® is designed to treat patients who have been diagnosed with moderate spinal stenosis, and have undergone six months of conservative treatment such as injections or physical therapy – without experiencing lasting relief. These patients may have also deemed traditional spinal surgery to be too demanding or invasive for them. Superion® is an FDA-approved, minimally invasive treatment that addresses pain, numbness, tingling and/or weakness in the back and legs. Using a small access portal – about the diameter of a dime – a tiny, H-shaped spacer is placed between two adjacent bones in the lower back; which allows patients to stand upright without pinching the nerves in the back, thereby alleviating the pain, numbness, tingling and/or weakness in the back and legs.

Why Superion®?

The Superion® implant is the only FDA approved,
minimally invasive approach to treating moderate spinal stenosis. It provides relief of the ongoing pain without the long recovery that often accompanies traditional decompression surgery. In addition, Superion® offers the following benefits:

• A clinically proven, less invasive alternative for spinal
• Does not limit future treatment options
• No general anesthesia, small incision
• Lower rate of serious operative complications before and after the procedure

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